Medica 2011 Düsseldorf

Medica 2012 - Düsseldorf

14. - 17. November 2012

Die weltgrößte Medizinmesse MEDICA umfasst die gesamte Bandbreite an Exponaten für die ambulante und stationäre Versorgung.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch in der Halle 4

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Pilates Carnival is a non-profit making organisation that has one simple aim: to promote and assist
with the training of Pilates teachers all over the world. It does this by providing free places to
training courses, conventions and workshops.

Pilates Carnival organises a totally free Pilates convention for teachers of Pilates from all over the
world no matter which school of Pilates they come from. The aim of the Pilates Carnival Convention
is to enable Pilates teachers to teach, learn, socialise, break down barriers, and to share our passion
and ideas. There are no fees, no egos, no boundaries, and no limits to what we can learn together.

The next convention is on 3/4 November 2012 in Hamburg, Germany, and many of Germany’s top
presenters will be there, as well as other presenters from USA, Spain, Poland and the UK. Next
year the conventions are in Miami in April, Barcelona in October, and Munich in November. The
convention offers a full program of classes, workshops and seminars including apparatus and mat
classes. There are also plenty of opportunities to socialise with events including a dinner for all
presenters and delegates. There are 70 places available for teachers to attend in Hamburg, and
there will also be sessions for members of the public to experience tuition from some presenters
that they might have only seen before on DVDs. There are teachers attending from Germany,
Poland, Spain, England, India and Australia, and the 70 teacher places will be massively over-
subscribed. The convention in Miami will be even bigger.

The conventions are just the tip of the iceberg. Pilates Carnival has a growing global membership
of teachers from all over the world so we can share ideas and improve training. In the rush for
commercialism, people can forget what is important, so I am trying to give something back to the
Pilates community, and I am thrilled that so many other people are willing to join me in this.

As a free event, the challenge for me is to obtain sponsorship. Pilates Carnival will not make any
profit as all monies received will cover the expenses of the conventions and improve the experience
for those attending, and it will always be a free event for teachers to attend.

There is more information on Pilates Carnival and the Hamburg Convention on

2013 Carnivals: Miami (April), Barcelona (October), Hamburg (November)

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